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Short Stories

"The Sad Museum"

anthologized in Places We Fear To Tread, 2020

Did you even notice?
When the numbers on the stairs went out of sequence?



feature, 2019 (unproduced)
Overall Winner, 2019 Tracking Board Launch Pad Feature Competition
Semi-Finalist, 2019 Austin Film Festival

A film school dropout trying to make ends meet takes a high-dollar deepfake video commission from an online stranger, enmeshing him in a global conspiracy.


short, 2020 (unproduced)
Semi-Finalist, 2020 Austin Film Festival

The manager of a rural animal control facility discovers a terrifying connection between identical litters of puppies left on her doorstep and her father's new girlfriend.

Red Death

feature, 2020 (unproduced)

A contemporary adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Masque of the Red Death."

In the wake of a devastating plague, a young woman follows her missing sister's trail to a remote mansion. Life inside becomes a struggle for survival amidst elites partying through the viral apocalypse.

Conceived and written pre-COVID. Seriously.