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№ 6: Pipeline Detonation Date Night, Fancy Pen Lad, Mountaintop Ambient Perfection

Hope your summer is off to a lovely start! As always, something for your mind, your body, and your soul. How to Blow Up a Pipeline for your mind Is How to Blow Up a Pipeline a good date night movie? Does your date enjoy the suspended potential for loud

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№ 5: Mystery Baritone, Yoga Dad, Zen Mountain

If spring is springing for you like it is for us in the Hudson Valley, you don't want to be inside reading newsletters. Read them outside, friends. Scroll beside a crocus. Open links by Lily of the Valley. Forward emails for Ēostre. Scott Walker: 30th Century Man for

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№ 4: Eyeless, Warm and Vaporous, Relentlessly Artistic

Eyeless and loving it for your mind The critic loves his work. Loves it. "I'd do this even if I didn't get paid for it," he says. (He isn't getting paid for it, actually. Ssh.) The critic stays at it non-stop. They

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№ 3: Dream Publisher, Bone Doctor, Jazz for God

I see you there, eyeing the calendar, thinking to yourself, "Just two more days without a newsletter and I can collect on that chocolate bar Alex promised if he didn't get the next issue out inside of January." Well tough shit. Get your own chocolate bar,

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№ 2: Left Brain, Right Brain, Crypto Brain, Coffee Brain, Artist Brain

Quick refresher: each issue has something for your mind, your body, and your soul. I don't use affiliate links, so if I recommend a thing you can buy, it's simply because I liked it. FTX, EA, and hemispheric dysfunction for your mind The recent implosion of

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№ 1: Tripping Out, Drying Up, and Unearthed Soul

Welcome to Payne Threshold, a twice-monthly newsletter from yours truly, Alex Payne. In each issue, I’ll offer something for your mind, your body, and your soul, inspired by oft-sampled track The Realm, a house classic by a trio of producers operating under the alias C’hantal. Why a newsletter?