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A Note About The Archive

There used to be more here. My archive from this longstanding incarnation of my personal site went back to 2002. Eventually, I decided it was time to cut my old posts loose. My writing here dated back to my first year of college, age eighteen. Back then I posted with great frequency, often writing simply to write. I don't have major regrets or embarassments over what I shared here, but nor do I think the majority of those writings have much enduring value.

To pare down the archive, I picked a somewhat arbitrary cut-off year: 2007. That's the year I moved from Washington, DC to San Francisco and started working for Twitter. It's certainly not a year full of unquestionably valuable writing, but 2007 was a year of many transitions for me, and that's why I picked it as the cut-off.

A motivated reader can find my un-archived older posts and previous versions of this site in predictable places around the Web. I don't think they're worth your time, but thanks for looking all the same.