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Alex Payne

I'm Alex, a writer...

My output includes contest-winning screenplays and anthologized short stories. Novels and more forthcoming.

...investor, donor, and volunteer.

I support compassionate organizations and campaigners working towards a just, sustainable future.

Expand your sense of possibility.

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Recent Issues

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№ 4: Eyeless, Warm and Vaporous, Relentlessly Artistic

Eyeless and loving it for your mind The critic loves his work. Loves it. "I'd do this even if I didn't get paid for it," he says. (He isn't getting paid for it, actually. Ssh.) The critic stays at it non-stop. They say he keeps a sleeping bag under his

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№ 3: Dream Publisher, Bone Doctor, Jazz for God

I see you there, eyeing the calendar, thinking to yourself, "Just two more days without a newsletter and I can collect on that chocolate bar Alex promised if he didn't get the next issue out inside of January." Well tough shit. Get your own chocolate bar, Doubting Thomas. At least

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№ 2: Left Brain, Right Brain, Crypto Brain, Coffee Brain, Artist Brain

Quick refresher: each issue has something for your mind, your body, and your soul. I don't use affiliate links, so if I recommend a thing you can buy, it's simply because I liked it. FTX, EA, and hemispheric dysfunction for your mind The recent implosion of prominent cryptocurrency exchange FTX