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Alex Payne

I'm Alex, a writer...

My output includes contest-winning screenplays and anthologized short stories. Novels and more forthcoming.

...investor, donor, and volunteer.

I support compassionate organizations and campaigners working towards a just, sustainable future.

Expand your sense of possibility.

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Recent Issues

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№ 2: Left Brain, Right Brain, Crypto Brain, Coffee Brain, Artist Brain

Quick refresher: each issue has something for your mind, your body, and your soul. I don't use affiliate links, so if I recommend a thing you can buy, it's simply because I liked it. FTX, EA, and hemispheric dysfunction for your mind The recent implosion of prominent cryptocurrency exchange FTX

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№ 1: Tripping Out, Drying Up, and Unearthed Soul

Welcome to Payne Threshold, a twice-monthly newsletter from yours truly, Alex Payne. In each issue, I’ll offer something for your mind, your body, and your soul, inspired by oft-sampled track The Realm, a house classic by a trio of producers operating under the alias C’hantal. Why a newsletter?